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    Bringing home a few bottles of wine from a weekend in Napa or a memorable vacation can quickly turn into an expensive mistake with alcohol-soaked suitcases and red-colored clothing.

    That's the dilemma a local couple faced until they created the Wine Mummy. Friends Brett and Lisa Wooldridge, and Jesse and Bobbie Hendrickson love wine-tasting and were often faced with the burden of wrapping bottles of wine with sweatshirts and praying they wouldn't break while traveling.

    "Like most people, we would bring back all this wine we wanted to enjoy later," Brett Wooldridge said. "But if the bottles break, not only are you losing your investment, but a couple hundred dollars worth of clothes or more. We thought, 'You have to have something to protect your purchases.'"

    So about two years ago, both couples were discussing ideas for how to keep their wine safe as they flew back from a wine-tasting in Vancouver, hoping their clothes weren't already soaked with wine.

    The thought of creating a double-layered reusable bubble bag with a zip seal quickly became the favorite. Believing they had a unique product in the works, they thought of the name Wine Mummy because mummies were preserved and protected, just like the bottles of wine would be. The Wooldridges took care of the design and marketing aspect of the product, and the Hendricksons focused on the sales and production side.

    Now 13 months later, Wine Mummy can be found in some of the most well-known wine and spirits stores in the Los Angeles area. Sepulveda Wine Company in Manhattan Beach and Friends of the Vine in Redondo Beach were quick to put Wine Mummy on the shelves, and said it's become a very popular item.

    "Usually they're buying it and going out of town," said Sepulveda Wine Company manager James Decker about his customers. "It's pretty popular and it's very reasonable."

    The Wine Mummy sells for $4.95 and people can purchase a five-pack for $19.95, Wooldridge said.

    Bobbie Hendrickson said they've sold several thousand products so far and never had one person complain about their wine getting broken.

    "It helps you get your wine home safely and protects your clothes too," she said. "Wine Mummy fits all different sizes of bottles. It's easy to pack and doesn't take up a lot of room."

    The standard 750 ml bottle is what usually goes in Wine Mummy, but she said many people use it to travel with glassware and other bottles of liquor as well.

    Hendrickson said whether someone is checking bags for a flight or overpacking a trunk, Wine Mummy is guaranteed to keep the bottle intact and the wine off their clothes.

    "It's an extra peace of mind you have to travel with," said Wooldridge.

    For more information about Wine Mummy, visit

    Eric Michael Stitt - The Beach Reporter - 22 April 2009


    Wine Mummy In the face of Transportation Security Administration restrictions on transporting bottles of wine and spirits in carry-ons, how does one safely pack wine, liquor and champagne in checked luggage without risking broken glass and ruined clothing? One answer that makes a lot more sense than encasing bottles in dirty laundry, T-shirts or pilfered hotel towels is the Wine Mummy, a reusable, zip-sealed bag made of two layers of durable polyplastic and bubble padding that can accommodate a variety of bottle sizes. $4.95;

    Travel Weekly: What's Hot, What's New - 30 January 2009


    Not so long ago, bringing a souvenir bottle of wine or liquor home from a trip was easy: You'd just stuff it into your carry-on bag and keep the bag away from steamrollers or rugby players on the way home. Nowadays, with airport security personnel equating anything liquid with nitroglycerine, your bottle of Mouton-Rothschild or Richard's Wild Irish Rose will be confiscated at the X-ray machine unless you've packed it in your checked baggage.

    Until recently, your choices when impulse-packing a single bottle of beverage were fairly limited: You could wrap each bottle in dirty underwear, shove it into a plastic bag, and hope that a twist tie would prevent the liquid from staining your clothes if the bottle broke; or you could lug a special container of rigid plastic foam on your trip in case you bought some wine or spirits. Now, thanks to Vino Amici, there's a practical--and inexpensive--compromise solution: The Wine Mummy, a reusable pouch that folds flat until you need it and protects your bottle when you're ready to fly.

    The Wine Mummy is a 7 x 17-inch (roughly 18 x 43 cm) bag of heavy plastic with a bubble-pack lining. It holds a wine or liquor bottle of up to 750 ml. After you've slipped the bottle into the bag, you close the plastic zipper top and pack The Wine Mummy in your suitcase. The bubbles protect the contents against the hard knocks of airport baggage handling, and the zipper top is designed to retain spilled liquid in the unlikely event that a baggage conveyor crushes your suitcase.

    In the U.S., The Wine Mummy has a suggested price of $4.95, or a bit less if you purchase a pack of two, three, or five. If your local wine merchant doesn't carry The Wine Mummy, you can order it online from many catalog retailers or directly from the manufacturer. For more information, visit

    Europe for Visitors - 30 January 2009


    Press Releases

    Wine Mummy is a new travel bag for transporting wine in checked luggage and a perfect gift for wine lovers this holiday season.


    (Press Release) - Nov 16, 2008 - TORRANCE, CA - Looking for an affordable gift for someone who travels a lot and loves wine? Developed in response to the Transportation Safety Administrations (TSA) restrictions on liquids in carry-on luggage, Wine Mummy is a padded, zip-sealed travel bag designed to protect bottles when transported inside checked luggage.

    According to a recent study from Travel Industry Association, wine-related travel is on the rise, with 27 million Americans engaged in wine-related activities during their travels. However, transporting wine on-board flights to and from home remains a challenge.

    The Wine Mummy, a durable double layer polybag with layers of bubble padding, will hold a 750ml wine, spirit or champagne bottle. Unlike other expensive and bulky carriers, Wine Mummy's compact size can easily be stored inside suitcases of all sizes. Wine Mummy dimensions are: 17" H x 7" W. The sleek and attractive black and gold packaging can also be used as a gift bag for a bottle of wine.

    "So many people have stories about placing their treasured wine purchases in their luggage, wrapping them in t-shirts, socks and plastic bags, and hoping for the best, " says co-creator Brett Wooldridge, Vino Amici. "Wine Mummy is a cost-effective solution for consumers who want that extra peace of mind."

    Wooldridge and his partners created Wine Mummy after his own travels to a wine tasting festival left him feeling uneasy about packing his wine purchases in his suitcase for fear of ruined clothing and luggage.

    Wine Mummy is currently available for M.S.R.P $4.95, or in multi-packs of 2 for $9.75, 3 for $14.50 and 5 for $19.95. For more information, or to place an order, visit, The site offers either single orders for individuals, or bulk orders for companies who wish to customize the bag with their company logo. # # #

    Vino Amici, maker of Wine Mummy, is a Torrance, CA-based company that develops and markets affordable wine and travel accessories. Wine Mummy is currently available for M.S.R.P $4.95. For more information, or to place an order, visit,

    Vino Amici - 22 December 2008


    Media Coverage

    MUMMY'S THE WORD Here's the latest for your favorite traveling oenophile, or even the oenophile in you. The Wine Mummy is a sealable double-layer, cushioned polybag that holds a 750-ml. bottle so that you can pack wine or spirits in luggage without worrying about breakage -- or breaking rules about carrying liquids aboard airplanes. The black bags are $4.95 each, $9.75 for two, $14.50 for three, and $19.95 for five; order them online at For an extra-special gift, you can stuff them with a bottle before giving. They're made by Vino Amici in Torrance, Calif.

    Chicago Tribune - 22 December 2008

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